Travel News Roundup: Dec.11, 2020

First COVID-19 vaccines administered; a wild suggestion for the travel industry; Thailand allowing US citizens in now–but there’s a catch; self-driving robotaxis in China; postpone plans to travel to CA and Mexico!

Travel News Roundup: Dec 4, 2020

When will North American borders re-open; Airline requiring the COVID-19 vaccination; new service animal definition; hotel in-room fitness; how much cash to bring on a trip?


Shrines, temples, cherry blossoms, bullet trains, tea rooms, geishas, hot springs, sushi, sake, snow-capped volcanoes, bamboo forests … Japan is a country high on my bucket-list! From the fast-paced, human-centric pulse of Tokyo, to the slow, nature-centric walking-meditations in the Zen gardens of Kyoto, and everything between–these tours offer you a comprehensive introduction to this incredibly vibrant country, with plenty of free time for your own exploration and discovery.

Spain and Portugal

The Iberian Peninsula is like a shot of espresso to me–so much to offer for its relatively small size. Visit a room in my personal heaven, when you pair world-class regional wine with tapas or paella or ANYTHING in these culinary meccas. Or maybe art and architecture are your thing–Goya, Velaquez, Picasso, Dali, Gaudi–palaces, castles, cathedrals and museums housing art from the past thousand years. Or immerse yourself in the region’s rich history, which can’t be separated from the influences of various religions–Islam, Judaism, Protestantism and Catholicism.


I’ve been highlighting a lot of nature over the past week–but what about cities? Where nature rejuvenates me, cities ENERGIZE me! Being in nature slows me down, reminding me to savor each moment; I become intimately more connected with my world. But being in a city connects me to HUMANITY. Cities remind us of what we should never forget–especially, that we stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us. And where better to cry, smile and marvel at history than in Berlin, Krakow, Prague, Vienna and Bucharest?

Costa Rica

Ziplining, whitewater rafting, canyoning, stand up paddleboarding, waterfall jumping and swimming, volcano and jungle hiking, horseback riding, butterflies, frogs, birds, sloths … What are you waiting for??


The power of this enormous landscape will only leave you in awe. Hike across glaciers, kayak in water just shy of being ice, indulge in food grown and raised directly from this earth, follow in Darwin’s footsteps and see the majesty that only a small percentage of your fellow humans have been blessed to see.

Springtime in the Desert

You’ve been through a lot this year. You DESERVE to reset your winter-weary self with warm hikes through red rocks, and first class cuisine, cocktails and accommodations at the end of each day.


Fjords, waterfalls, glaciers; dramatic vistas from the top of mountains and/or from the deck of a boat–bring at least TWO camera batteries!

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