Letter From the New Director of Visit Greenland

Greenland IS the new frontier in Adventure Travel; read on to hear what the new director at Visit Greenland has planned to protect his country from over-tourism.

Greenland Adventure: Explore by Sea, Land and Air

Sustainable, luxury expedition adventure in southern Greenland. Ship is state of the art with MAGS, which converts waste to energy on site. Spa, sauna, fitness center, gourmet food, lectures, Heli-hiking, heli-mountain biking, flightseeing over the Greenland Ice sheet, kayaking, etc.

Travel News Roundup: Dec.11, 2020

First COVID-19 vaccines administered; a wild suggestion for the travel industry; Thailand allowing US citizens in now–but there’s a catch; self-driving robotaxis in China; postpone plans to travel to CA and Mexico!

Travel News Roundup: Dec 4, 2020

When will North American borders re-open; Airline requiring the COVID-19 vaccination; new service animal definition; hotel in-room fitness; how much cash to bring on a trip?

Epic Gift Giving Guide for Travelers

Here it is–your Epic Gift Giving Guide for Travelers! A wide range of price points to fit all budgets.

Booking Travel Saves Lives

This comprehensive piece, published in “World Nomads”, explains how your travel dollars impact the world. Although this piece focuses mainly on animal conservation, know that when you travel, you also save the lives of the people in the communities you visit. BUT! You need to travel with the “right” companies … companies that keep your money in the local economy, companies that support global gender equality, and companies that protect children, animals and the environment.

Springtime in the Desert

You’ve been through a lot this year. You DESERVE to reset your winter-weary self with warm hikes through red rocks, and first class cuisine, cocktails and accommodations at the end of each day.

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