Letter From the New Director of Visit Greenland

Greenland IS the new frontier in Adventure Travel; read on to hear what the new director at Visit Greenland has planned to protect his country from over-tourism.

Greenland Adventure: Explore by Sea, Land and Air

Sustainable, luxury expedition adventure in southern Greenland. Ship is state of the art with MAGS, which converts waste to energy on site. Spa, sauna, fitness center, gourmet food, lectures, Heli-hiking, heli-mountain biking, flightseeing over the Greenland Ice sheet, kayaking, etc.


The power of this enormous landscape will only leave you in awe. Hike across glaciers, kayak in water just shy of being ice, indulge in food grown and raised directly from this earth, follow in Darwin’s footsteps and see the majesty that only a small percentage of your fellow humans have been blessed to see.

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