Travel with Me–Sustainable Travel

My vendor for the trip I’m hosting to the Jordan Kingdoms, only creates trips which improve the lives of the people and animals we meet, and the places we explore, which is why they just won the first ever, Sustainability Champion of the Year at the Which? Awards 2022.

Alas, my snowshoeing trip to Transylvania (2022) had to be cancelled

Top 5 Most Important Things To Do Before Traveling Internationally Right Now!

Hiking in the Dolomites with Ilse: Day 3, Kreutzberg Mt.

Each day, the hikes ramp up a bit in intensity and scope. Today, we were on the trail for 8 hours, round-trip, reaching an elevation around 6500’.

Romania–Did You Know?

Invest in yourself! Connect with your essence, with your soul, in the mountains of magical Romania.

Travel News Roundup–April 26, 2021

EU to allow in vaccinated travelers; Hong Kong and Singapore to start travel bubble next month; Canadians using these to avoid hotel quarantines for air travelers; demand may exceed supply in hotels.

Travel News Roundup–April 20, 2021

France and Greece opening to vaccinated Americans; familiar countries added to Do Not Travel list; Alaska offering vaccines to tourists; nearly all flights from India to Canada this month had Covid+ passengers

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