Travel News Roundup–June 25, 2021

Where Americans can travel now; HI dropping testing and quarantining for vaxxed; Carnival full fleet sailing in spring 2022; Netherlands reopens to Americans; AA cancels 950 flights in July; Tokyo Olympics allowing spectators; Qatar World Cup allowing only vaxxed fans

Travel News Roundup–April 26, 2021

EU to allow in vaccinated travelers; Hong Kong and Singapore to start travel bubble next month; Canadians using these to avoid hotel quarantines for air travelers; demand may exceed supply in hotels.

Letter From the New Director of Visit Greenland

Greenland IS the new frontier in Adventure Travel; read on to hear what the new director at Visit Greenland has planned to protect his country from over-tourism.

Travel News Roundup–April 20, 2021

France and Greece opening to vaccinated Americans; familiar countries added to Do Not Travel list; Alaska offering vaccines to tourists; nearly all flights from India to Canada this month had Covid+ passengers

Travel News Roundup–April 9, 2021

Boeing 737 Max is grounded AGAIN; CDC says don’t go to Canada; Covid-19 Travel Advisory Tool; Cruise ships to Venice will be diverted to industrial port; where in Europe can Americans travel this summer?; Iceland opens borders; 2 new low-cost airlines are born; Qatar Airways operates first fully-vaccinated flight

Travel News Roundup: Dec.11, 2020

First COVID-19 vaccines administered; a wild suggestion for the travel industry; Thailand allowing US citizens in now–but there’s a catch; self-driving robotaxis in China; postpone plans to travel to CA and Mexico!

Travel News Roundup: Dec 4, 2020

When will North American borders re-open; Airline requiring the COVID-19 vaccination; new service animal definition; hotel in-room fitness; how much cash to bring on a trip?

Booking Travel Saves Lives

This comprehensive piece, published in “World Nomads”, explains how your travel dollars impact the world. Although this piece focuses mainly on animal conservation, know that when you travel, you also save the lives of the people in the communities you visit. BUT! You need to travel with the “right” companies … companies that keep your money in the local economy, companies that support global gender equality, and companies that protect children, animals and the environment.

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