When you visit Greece for the first time, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering if those Greek myths were actually true stories. While you hop between islands, you can imagine how Poseidon rose, usually in fury, from the depths of that sapphire water. You begin to relate to Odysseus’s desire to just luxuriate for 20 years on a white-sand-beach island. And it becomes very clear why the gods, Demi-gods, and oracles chose Greece as their primary residence! Oh–and those fresh olives, feta and grappa … definitely food fit for Spartan battalions!

Tanzania and Kenya

Safari through Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater; experience local culture, history and food; end your adventure on the white beaches of the paradise island of Zanzibar.


The power of this enormous landscape will only leave you in awe. Hike across glaciers, kayak in water just shy of being ice, indulge in food grown and raised directly from this earth, follow in Darwin’s footsteps and see the majesty that only a small percentage of your fellow humans have been blessed to see.

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