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Experiential travel makes the world a better place.

Both my parents immigrated to the United States and taught me by example to not only embrace “new” and “different”, but to seek it out, in order to truly own my experiences. This actually became my way of life: Between the ages of 0-18, I lived in 14 different places. I spent every summer of my childhood living with family in Germany and Austria; sent to them on my own for the first time when I was six years old. I graduated from an international high school in Brazil. Vagabonded through Europe by myself after college. Met my husband and got married in Montana. And finally put down roots when I landed in Maine on a whim in 1996–literally, “Let’s move here! They get a lot of sunny days and have a cool live-music scene!”

When I travel, no matter how many people I may be with, I become closer to my own true essence; traveling reminds me to savor each moment. When something is new–a new view, a new language, a new flavor or smell, new people–it’s easy to pause and relish in the newness. When I come home from traveling–not matter how near or far from home I’ve gone–I want that vibrant immediacy and connection to linger. So I make a conscious effort to bring that awareness into my everyday life.

It would be my honor to share with you that absolute magic and expansiveness that comes from opening yourself up to the “new” and the “different”.

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